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What is it?
This course is designed to help Christians grow in their Christian life. Specifically it seeks to expand our view of God to see Him in His greatness and majesty, learn how the Gospel transforms our lives and gives us the power over temptation, and develop some of the ancient habits of the Christian life in order to grow in spiritual maturity.

How does it work?
When you sign-up you will recieve occasional discipleship emails (these are currently rather infrequent). These are short little thoughts on how to grow in God built around the topic we are studying as a group. These emails will also have announcements about who is graduating through the program and what is new on the web page. If you like you can also add your two-bits to the lesson by responding to it with a question or comment or illustration. That is all part of the online atmosphere :)

We have also kept a record of all the emails in the "Notes" section of the web site. You can use these notes to catch up on missed lessons or work ahead. As time goes on you might want to add your own ideas to the lessons or suggest some links or Bible verses to help others studying the same topic. Authentic Walk is a community seeking God together and so this sharing of information and experiences is what helps shape the content.

How do I graduate?
I recognize that not everyone will want to go as deep as others so I have broken it up into several different levels from just recieving the emails to an Authentic Walk Leader

  • Level 1: Just want to learn a bit - this is for those who just want to receive the emails from time to time and respond to an article every now and again if they want to. Everyone starts here.
  • Level 2: Serious Study: - This second step is where we go deeper, the student here reads through all the course notes and grows deeper in his/her understanding of how to live for God.
  • Level 3: Preparing to Teach it - Now that the student knows the material he/she has to do extra study on it and rewrite the lessons for a Sunday School class or creative tool.
  • Level 4: Authentic Walk Leader - by application only. They help coach other students and can lead discipleship groups in their church.
  • Level 5: Authentic Walk Seminars - by application only. Can develop and lead Authentic Walk Seminars and/or rewrite the web page in another language.

For a more detailed explanation of the levels click here


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