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Quick Introduction

We are exploring new learning technology with the web in order to teach discipleship. We believe the most effective way to learn is through discovering and thus owning the truths. And so you will notice that students can reply to the articles - ask questions, debate, and post their own responses. It also incorporates the ability for students to submit links to other web pages, books, and programs with relevant information on that topic.

Each topic is organized as a collection of notes.  The reason we did this was so that a person can quickly skim through all the major points on the topic and pick out what they want to learn more about.  They can also view the entire topic as one long file if they want to read everything or just print it out and work on it on paper.

We also recognize that not everyone wants to go as deep as others and so we have designed it for 6 different audiences, each distinguished by a deeper level of commitment.

  • Casual Web Surfer - no commitment just browsing
  • Level 1 - For those who want to learn a bit but don't have much time
  • Level 2 - For those who want a more serious study
  • Level 3 - For those who want to teach it
  • Level 4 - For those who want to join Authentic Walk
  • Level 5 - For those who want to develop and lead Authentic Walk seminars.

In other words, you can just browse on through it and learn what you want like any other page or you can dig in and take it like any other serious course.

And since discipleship is not merely transfering information (it is much more really) the levels require interaction with the material, with others and with a coach.  Also the student is required to choose at least one exercise to start putting what is being learnt into practice.


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