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It is our goal to honor the trust you have give us when you release your personal information. For this reason we never sell or trade email addresses or other personal information but use it only for the Authentic Walk Discipleship Course. The only piece of information we need is a valid email address. You can also choose to add other information about yourself but that is completely voluntary, in fact, I encourage people to use creative names for their login username/password. We use cookies to track if you log in so that you donĄt have to keep entering your username and password (for those who hate cookies, just donĄt log-in). We also use cookies to track if you want simple or advanced mode so you donĄt have to keep pressing the button each time (same with favorite Bible version and occassionaly userid). When you close your browser the cookie expires and is no longer valid. When you vote for an article it records it anonymously. When you submit anything else, your username is associated with it and can be published with it to help others know who wrote it and others can see a list of all your other submissions. Although we keep logs of which pages have been viewed we do not link it to your username to protect your privacy. We do not track which pages your account has read automatically, you have to click on a button saying the likes of, "I have read this page". This is to protect your privacy but also gives you the option of passing the assignments in higher levels of the program. If an error occurs or you try to hack the program a message is sent to me with your information and the browser information passed to my server so I can test and fix the problem (you will be notified on the screen if such a message is being sent)

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