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Welcome to Authentic Walk Ministries. Several people have asked me to put together a quick tour of how to use the web page so they can get used to it. At the end of the tour will be some links of how to get started, well here it goes...

Purpose: The goal of this site is to provide a community of believers who help each other grow in their Christian walk through emails, archived notes, seminars and discussion. Since I do not know everything I encourage all the students to share their thoughts and together we'll grow.

Page Layout

  • On the top of every page is our header. Clicking on the walking guy will take you back to the home page.
  • On the side of every page is the student navigation menu This is made up of the most used features of the site. If you click on one of these words it will take you to an explanation of the course, archives of the lesson notes, customized Bible search, see how your progress is doing,change your personal information or this help screen.
  • Underneathe that is the search box This will perform a search on all the notes. If you are looking for a past email or studying a topic this is a good way to do it. It searches for keywords by default so 'love God' or 'love,God' or 'love+God' will return all the lessons with both the words "love" and "God" in it irregardless of if they are beside each other (to search for a phrase use quotes ex "love God") You can also search the Bible there by clicking the radio button by "The Bible" and entering your verse or topic
  • At the bottom of each page are extra links These are special pages that are only used from time to time so I put them at the bottom. If you can't find what your looking for or are ready for something new try down there.
  • Occasionally there will be an advanced button We wanted to keep the web site simple so when you are reading the notes it only shows the basic information. If you click the Advanced button then it shows extra information like responses, submissions, verse lists, links, etc
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