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Beginning Right - The Gospel
The first steps to any journey are critical, so are our first steps of faith. Here we re-examine the age old Gospel and understand it´s implications to our life today.

Overcoming Temptation
Once we become a Christian the battle is not over. Here we will examine how temptation comes about, how to claim freedom in Christ and how to get up again after we have fallen

Prayer is simply talking to God. Here we will examine prayer in it´s simplicity and offer some suggestions on how to pray better

If prayer is the action of the inner life this is the setting. This discusses the spiritual retreat, stillness, and simplicity in order to provide an atmosphere where we can meet God anew.

This is the inner discipline that makes our spirituality alive, it is the experiencial. Even if we master all the other disciplines and fail to worship we will soon dry up.

We must balance our inner life of prayer with our outer life of service. Here we will learn how to do ministry and examine our spiritual gifts

Not only should we worship God but we need to also study about Him, to dig into the Word. Here we will examine how to read God´s word, memorize it and make use of web resources to increase our understanding of God´s Word

We must balance the inner discipline of solitude with community for we are part of the Church and called to work together as one even as God is one

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