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Here are some great lessons on this topic, click on the ones you want to learn about.

Why serve?
How to serve / do ministry
Being humble
Spiritual Gifts and you

After you have read through the lessons go deeper into application by trying one of these suggested exercises

Go and do spontaneous acts of service for next hour
Practice foot washing with your group
Give your pastor a call and ask for chance to serve
good for kids
Contribute time at a homeless shelter
Mentor another person to help ignite passion and gifts
Touch & Heal
Send an "E-Card"
cheerful slave
Suggest an exercise

Other Students Lesson Plans
In level 3 students write their own lesson plans for Sunday School or another class, here you will find their lessons for your deeper study

True Service by deecee4jaycee (0/0)
Treasure Chest Hearts by D-lite (0/0)
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